About Us

Cameracoup® sparked at Shutterfest in April 2017. 

We're a team of photographers who take our style just as serious as our photography (We love fashion too!).

We rocked a few vintage straps at the event & after receiving countless comments on our photography gear from others, we knew we weren't alone. 

We all have a passion for photography and love the vintage style so we decided why not combine the best of both worlds? Not many others have done this? 

And that's exactly what we did.

Countless weeks of researching the most stylish photography gear that would suit our style.

When we began in March 2018, The primary items we began selling to photographers were camera straps, and unsurprisingly our vintage style camera strap was the first to take off. 

Since then, our business has grown in popularity and we've transitioned to mainly market our Vintage Style Photography Backpacks & Messenger bags. 

And it all began with YOU! Our most valuable customers. 

Thank you for your support. 💙


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